Anne Gibbs is based in Cardiff, UK.  She studied fine art, specialising in printmaking (1994) and undertook postgraduate courses in teacher training, PGCE (FE) (1999) and a master’s degree in Ceramics (2004) at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including Greece, Canada, Korea and America. She has received creative awards and undertaken several residencies in the UK and overseas.  Her work is in public collections at the National Museum Cardiff, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia and the Icheon World Ceramic centre, Korea.


Anne makes small-scale objects that are curious, delicate and unique. Responding to collections, materials and organising principles are main concerns in her practice. She acquires man-made and natural objects from a wide range of sources, which are then cast in bone china liquid clay. Each individual piece is altered; it may be stained, carved, dipped, pierced or burnished. Through a selection process Anne devises compositions using individual components, sometimes combined with wire, silk thread or pins to create ambiguous gatherings.


"Anne Gibbs’ sculpture is delicate, intricate and small-scale, made in opaque bone china in her signature ice-cream colours, each piece is almost impossibly pretty. Together her work forms precise table-top installations, laid out like an elaborate tea party. At first, this sensory indulgence may seem too sickly sweet, but Gibbs then pricks our consciousness with elements such as pins, knotted threads or a tiny bundle of thorns which are altogether more sinister and unsettling, fetishistic even and surreal. One has almost the same odd sensation of looking at a butterfly collection - the sweet pain and poignancy, the beauty and cruelty – and this duality is what makes Gibbs’ work so utterly compelling".

Stephen Feeke, Director

New Art Centre, Roche Court. 2017