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Anne Gibbs lives and works in Cardiff. She studied Fine Art, specialising in printmaking (1994) and undertook postgraduate courses in teacher training, PGCE (FE) (1999) and a master’s degree in Ceramics (2004) at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Anne has worked as a freelance artist in many facets of art and design, working to public commissions, teaching and lecturing in schools, universities and communities throughout South Wales.

The arrangement of objects and organising principles are major concerns in Anne’s practice. She makes small intricate pieces mainly in bone china displayed with found or natural materials. Each composition is highly considered and comprises of an eclectic array of components. The sensory qualities of materials are what draw Anne to work with wire, charred pins, coral, coloured threads and glaze. Inspired by collections and images from the local landscape, her work explores themes of beauty and unrest, approached with sensitivity and precision.

Anne has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including Greece, Canada, Korea and America. In January 2015 she received a Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales to take ‘time out’ for a period of twelve months to research and further her career in the field of ceramics. As part of the award she travelled to Japan to experience Japanese culture and to receive lessons in Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. Anne was selected for artist in residency at ‘Makers Using Technonolgy’, Design Wales Forum, (2014) Wales, Heatherwick Studios, Aberystwyth, (2013) Wales and Cove Park, Scotland (2009). Recent group exhibitions include Award at the British Ceramic Biennial (2015), Fragile? National Museum Cardiff (2015), earth at Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales (2012) and Placement at Oriel Davies and Fife Contemporary Art and Craft Centre, Wales and Scotland (2011).


"I collect items that I find intriguing either for their form, surface or colour. Depending on the outcome I want to achieve, I cast, dip, knit, stitch, stain or alter the findings to create one-off sculptural objects. The final artworks are mainly ceramic with mixed media components displayed as assemblages or installations. I respond to my surroundings and collate images and collections from each place I visit. Experimenting with materials is of great interest to me, I collage and combine different techniques to discover new possibilities. Drawing and mark making is also an integral part of my practice."

Anne Gibbs 2015

"Unsettling undercurrents quietly emerge from the uncanny ceramic assemblages of Anne Gibbs. Working in bone china, her evocative compositions set up incongruous relationships that inhabit an indefinable space between landscape, body and object. Grouped and yet individually isolated, the component pieces suggest forensic fragments or archaeological fossils, their parts offered as evidence, laid out for contemplation."

'Maker in Focus' Anne Gibbs at The Mission Gallery, 2014. Catherine Roche, freelance writer.